Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Yuck

You knew it would take more to keep me down than a house renovation project! (Susan:))
Especially since the noise of hammers could hardly distract me more than the daily noise inside the house.
And that leaves The Yuck.
The Yuck moved into our house, and stayed for about 7 days. In fact today is the first day in 8 days that all four children have been completely fever-free. Yes, they are fever-free, but still coughing and snotty and generally a mess, literally and figuratively. Poor Phoenix has the cold coming out of his eyes, spurring a “burger” report from the girls every 10 minutes. A “burger” report, as in “Mommy! Phoenix has eye burgers again! On both sides!” (Jadyn, Queen of Mispronunciation, calls boogers “burgers.”)
Truly, you should be glad I did not blog about this mess – it has been ugly!
The good news is that the handymen started the work today, after a delay due to c-o-l-d weather and h-i-g-h winds. They are still ripping off siding and repairing rot around a window – and I have hopes of the window being back in its place by the end of the day. Brrrr. I also have hopes of not returning to Home Depot again, so that we can stay within our squeaky tight budget. Though I must say, the desperate look I portrayed in HD, while toting a sick, eye-burgery baby was sufficient to get me very speedy assistance.
I’ll keep you posted on the building crew & the burgers…

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