Friday, February 27, 2009

Rainy day catch-up

We headed out to our neighbor's for some Friday fun, and what a motley crew we were. Jadyn in her raincoat with 2 Elmos, Isabella with an umbrella & Elmo, me pushing the stroller, holding an umbrella and toting a bag of clothes to give away.
Isabella informed me that I made her get wet, and we should have taken the car.
I happen to think rain is pleasant when it's warm out, and usually it does wonders for tiny moods, right? Well, usually. But 4 year olds have extreme moods.
I returned to find the roofing company had left all the supplies in the driveway - a very good sign that this project may just get done soon! The guy called to tell me the weather was bad... *cough cough* and asked if Sunday would be okay. I held in the sarcasm, as we have now waited FIVE months, and were told it would only be 4-6 weeks. I simply said Sunday would be fine with us. Simply fine. Simply get my roof on.

Next up is Mr. Big. He had his 9 month check-up last week, and was informed that he needs to start crawling and stop trying to stand and pull up. The latest wisdom is that crawling is linked to reading comprehension, so if he doesn't crawl first, I will have to get a play tunnel for him to crawl in later. Okay. I love his doctor, and she thinks he is the best, and totally understands that in a full house, someone always picks up a fussing baby. He can't stand to be on his tummy, and they can't stand to hear him fuss, so we will see how this goes.
He is trying to say mama now, having learned dada, zzzzissseee (sissy), and daydee (Jadyn, I think). But I am Baba. Sometimes Mbaba. Always accompanied by a smug grin, as though he has been holding out on me on purpose. Little stinker.

I leave you with a conversation between Cole & I. Second graders now have that combination of utter naivete, and budding speculation.

Cole: Mom, what does sexy mean?

Me: Umm, it's when a grown-up finds another grown-up attractive, or thinks they're hot.

Cole: Oh. Barysh, my friend at school, said that sexy is when a man kisses a woman and the man is naked.
Cole: (eye roll, snort, head-shake) Barysh lies. A lot. That dude is such a liar!

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  1. This is funny! isn't it sweet that he is still asking YOU what the words mean?
    that crawling business...I think it's a load of crap.! :)
    both of mine crawled...but i just think that is just another swing of the pendulum--you know?
    babies do their own thing...reading comprehension is actually based on attn span and how much a child has been talked to...that is what this expert has to say about that. hmm hmm. :)


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