Sunday, February 1, 2009

The domino effect is playing out at our house.
Here's how it started.
~The Tale of a 20 Year Old House~
Got insurance money to replace hail damaged roof.
Replaced rotted trim under windows and on chimney.
Needed quote for painting replaced trim.
Needed trim painted post haste, as roofers are coming in one week to replace roof.
Trim quote came in way high, almost same as re-painting entire home.
Decided to paint entire home.
Needed to replace some bad siding.
Replacement/patch job for siding came in way high, considered replacing all siding of both sides, due to insanely good quote.
For the economy, ya know.
And to stop the slow disintegration of this place.
Everything old made new again.

And that's how a few pieces of trim and a new roof started to become a new roof, new siding, new paint, new house. Our heads are spinning, our eyes are goggling, but we are getting excited. Well, I am getting excited. Rick is tugging the wallet reins, threatening to bolt it shut.
If it happens it will be f-a-s-t. Within 2 weeks. What has taken us 4 years of discussion and planning of time frames for each project.
Domino effect.
The End.


  1. Yay,
    post before and after pics.
    what color are you picking? i bet that is hard.

  2. bethany,

    Where are you?
    did you decide to do the siding yourself?
    hee hee..


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