Saturday, February 21, 2009

Babies all around

Greetings on a Saturday morn!
No more than the usual number of my babies around here, so sit back and stop clenching.
I woke up to some good news from my friends:
Allie Mae had a baby girl last night, Julia Avery, and I am excitedly waiting details of what sounded like a precipitous (yet welcome!) delivery brought on by spicy Indian food and a walk. :) Much more appealing than the labor-inducing methods I tried. (Though I did stop short of the castor oil method. Couldn't quite fathom the connection.) And, Susan broke the suspense with an XX post - as in chromosomes, not dirty, ya'll.
The tally of pregnant friends holds strong, with 5 remaining.

Meanwhile at the Lear home, the house renovation continues at a rapid pace. The house painting is almost finished, with only the trim left to be done. Pictures will be forthcoming! It's looking great.

What's not looking great is me. The wreck of 8 days of Yuck has taken it's toll. And though I am dutifully applying peppermint-oil steam treatments, to clear my sinuses, I am not yet recovered. Though my minty-fresh smell may fool you. I smell like a candy-cane. Suprisingly, sitting under a steam-filled towel softens the noise of the household. So, I apply this treatment liberally.

Mama continues to hold out on me, refusing any further Natural Remedy Tips in retaliation for my review of her previous tips. I told her I would pour olive oil and green tea anywhere she said, but she continues to withhold. I think that is in violation of the Hippocratic Oath, which declares to aid and heal anyone who appeals? Though I guess a self-proclaimed root doctor has not in fact sworn an oath. Oh alright, you're off the hook for the moment, Mama. For the moment.

Today promises to be filled with activity. Apparently my befuddled shopping trip earlier in the week failed to meet the needs of a family of six. I think I bought a bag of cranberries and some olive oil. Maybe a cucumber. At any rate, the children are all using words like cupboard, bare, and starving, and asking if I am feeling any better. The solution is Trader Joe's and a kid's cart for each of them. Fill it up. Don't forget the wine.

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