Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nearly a Century

She was born in 1912, into a world much different than today.
Her parents were Italian immigrants that settled in the environs of Cleveland, Ohio, and she was one of 8 children.
1912-2009. A world of changes from then to now. A blooming country. She saw it happen.
In her middle years, she would bear 5 children in 4 years; Rick was her youngest. Her eldest grandchild nears 40, her youngest {Phoenix} nearly 9 months, in a family that spans decades. Through the challenges of life and circumstance she would prevail, with strength and determination cloaked about her.
She seemed indestructible, as though anything life tossed her way could be overcome by sheer force of will.
96 years.
I suppose that is rather indestructible.
The potential memories of all those years could be a flood. A flood of places, decisions, emotions, and change. She held those memories well.
Today will begin her celebration, as those who walked the years with her will pass by to remember.
To remember, to weep, to laugh, to know that nearly a century of constancy has found rest.
Here's to you Jane Lear,

June 1st 1912 - February 6, 2009.

The Great Walk comes to us all, and you staved it off with heart.

Jane on the occasion of her 90th Birthday. Yeah, that's her natural hair color.

The 5 Lear children, circa 1957: Ken, Rick, Brian, Kathy and Dennis.
Jane, your strength has passed down.

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  1. Bethany,

    Wow! What a life. One can only wish to be so lucky. :)
    Besos to all.



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