Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Came Up With 25 Random Things

Well, I squandered my morning away writing a list of 25 Random Things About Me, in response to a F@cebook tag. I know. Really. I could have been writing an entertaining story about my Mom's visit.
But since I wrote the list, which I struggled with due to issues with talking about myself... (I know. Really. Am I bipolar? I blog about the kids, right? Not me?) I am going to post the dern thing and make everyone read it. 'Cause it took a long time and I really thought hard about it, even though that was a bit OCD of me, and I could have chattered off 25 things in a flash.

And, I wrote the list because I was tagged by 2 people that I enjoyed reading about, and who were fearless enough to tag me. Even though they know I have a rather busy life around here. Or maybe they tagged me because they notice the inordinate amount of time I spend online writing, and just wanted to give me something to do?
I like to think they really wanted to know 25 Things About Me. Really. Well, ready or not, here you go. And if you feel so inclined, consider yourself tagged. Because I really do want to know 25 things about you.

25 {Random} Things About Me

1. I loved the Bobbsey Twins books as a girl, and remember wishing I could have twins when I grew up.
2. When I grew up and in fact did have twins, I secretly thought myself to be a teensy bit magical, in a wide-eyed-wondering-if-wishes-come-true sort of way. That’s why when people ask if twins run in Rick’s family, the little girl in me squeals “No! No-no-no… this happened because I wished it.”
3. I have a fear of losing my keys down storm drains. I instinctively clutch them tightly whenever I walk over one.
4. When my Dad died almost 2 years ago, it changed my paradigm regarding spirituality and the nature of life after death. Because he speaks to me still.
5. I find it hard to define & describe myself, because the ultimate truth sounds philosophical. Are we spirits having a human experience? I believe so.
6. Reading is my absolute favorite pastime.
7. I am a really fast reader. I mean, 2 books a week fast. Even with all the goings-on around here. Please advise if you know how I could turn this skill into cash.
8. Writing is my passion. When I am going about my day, I am always composing stories, documenting as I go. It is so satisfying to me when I am able to capture the feeling of a time with a turn of phrase.
9. I am laboring over this list. See #5.
10. Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert make me laugh out loud.
11. In raising four children, I see that we are all a little nuts, and it shows early.
12. In everyday life, I search for connectivity everywhere. In events, relationships, seeming coincidence… synchronicity that supports my belief in God and the omniscient presence of Spirit.
13. I have the soul of a clown. I always manage to goof up at the crucial moment. I believe it is also called foot-in-mouth disease.
14. I believe in soulmates, plural. I have found a few in my life – one is my husband, the others are friends.
15. I believe my husband and I were always making our way to each other, and that’s how we managed to meet and marry in 3 months. Almost 13 years ago… If my children try this, I will question it. Maybe.
16. My mother-in-law once asked why I married Rick, when I could have been President. I’m not sure where she got this idea. :)
17. I am extremely optimistic. Not only is the glass half-full, it is half-full with wondrous possibilities!
18. I have a thing for Swedes. If there is one within a 20 ft radius, we will talk. Shopping in Ikea doesn’t count.
19. I hope to travel a lot when my children are a bit older.
20. The smell of fresh baby intoxicates me. Even more so with the fourth and last one. I dread losing the memory of that smell, and the feeling that all is right with the world when you breathe it in.
21. I try to raise my children to be thinkers, and to believe they are here for a purpose.
22. This is a number that crops up everywhere in my life. It is my number.
23. When I sit on the deck with my husband and a cold beer, I sigh with utter contentment.
24. I do not feel guilty when I email friends and play online instead of doing laundry.
25. I have a tattoo on my foot. It is an infinity symbol, and to me it is a map of where my Dad now dwells. {Thank you, Shah.}


  1. I bet this was hard.
    Try as I might, I can only think of four. ;).

  2. Bethany, you are so awesome! I stink at these things... maybe it's because I'm BORING?! LOL! It was really fun reading about you! Maybe you can come visit us one day... when the kids get older?

  3. Yes Tina! Oh, and maybe you should start a blog about your way boring life in Morocco... ha! ;-)
    Susan... try harder. I feel some entertainment coming on...


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