Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Sunday Note: Fresh Baby

This one goes out to my fast, funny friend, she of the newly delivered daughter. Long-awaited, much-celebrated: fresh baby Alice.

Drink it in, it spins your head
this dizzy love
delicious smell.
You are not tainted with life
and its dirt
You are only new: newly arrived, newly alive,
Newly become
Softly caress, marvel anew
Fine skin bears the lines that will come later.
Drawn-up knees, froggy curl, arms a-stiff and flailing
Curve you round mother's warm body, inside out,
you are not alone.
Fresh baby, fresh baby there is no other like you!
Every mother's heart thumps in universal delight
to recall
The first sight of a new person whose little world became the wide world
Oh those fresh baby shivers
Fresh baby smells
Your tufted crown holds the elixir of love.

With love...


  1. what a marvelous gift you've given this new mother. these words will be in her heart forever. and when Alice grows into a young woman she will keep them in her heart too, and perhaps pass them to her own daughter one day. you've begun a beautiful chain of love!
    have a great day Bethany.

  2. So absolutely completely true! Congrats to your friend! I'm sure she will cherish your precious words!


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