Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Dear Friends,
There are mysteries in life.
Like, why has a parade of ants been marching through my kitchen for 4 months? I am a pacifist. I have let them march, because they have done so each spring since we moved here. No matter what, they keep coming. Only - it has never lasted this long. And I am getting murderous. I am thinking of ant poison even though I do not like poison in general, and poison in my kitchen in particular. Until now, I believed my kitchen was on an ant ley line, some sort of magnetic trail that they had to migrate through. Like birds when they migrate, following a path to the same place year after year.
Now? I think they are here to drive me crazy and complicate my life. And make me curse in front of the children.
There are mysteries in life.
Like, why does facebook keep suggesting that I know some girl who is topless, with silver dangling pasties over her boobies? I have told facebook that I do not know her, as I made sure of it by looking through her pictures - which are open to all. No pun intended!
There are mysteries in life.
Like, this morning. My girls slept until 7:15, and Phoenix slept until 8:15. (For those who don't know, my children are all notoriously early risers.) Then, they all got up, and all at the same time were hungry for breakfast, and all wanted the same cereal. Shortly after breakfast, they loaded themselves in the car, buckled in Phoenix and said they were ready to go to the Y (for my sculpt class). When I peeked into the car, bemused and sort of delighted, they were arguing over who loved whom the most.
There are certainly mysteries in life. And after this morning, I am going out to buy a lottery ticket. Because mysteriously, this is my lucky day.

(Speaking of mysteries, I have been wrapped up in Stieg Larsson's series. What a ride! Now I am through, after sailing through all three books in a week. Kinda wish I had tried to read them more slowly... and I also wish he was still alive. The man could write!)


  1. oh Bethany, it all begins with The Girl w/ The Dragon Tatoo!!! I raced through them all too - blaming my Kindle, when that isn't actually why. I did it because he's that good of a writer. and nothing compares either. I'm still looking for another thriller that good!

  2. bethany,
    i have not read those yet....yippie!!
    re: ants --June 21st should be their deadline..
    pun is there!! not intended--but two in one posting huh?

  3. It is refreshing to find someone that can identify the true mysteries of life.

    Facebook for me: It kept suggesting, I kept ignoring. Then I canceled the damn thing.

  4. Best wishes in your battle against the ants.


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