Friday, June 10, 2011

Safari Time again

Hello and happy Friday!
Today I am sharing yet more photos, simply for laughs...
We went to the nearby GA safari again last week, and here is what we saw:

Phoenixus Screamius - loudest animal in the park
Phoenixus Shriekius, next Loudest in the Park.

We laughed so much at him - Mr. Big Talk the whole time, until one came near him! Then he would shriek and start hitting the lock button on the door.
Now you may think this next shot might be inappropriate for kids. But let me tell what I heard from the back seat:
"Mom, look, look! That little one is riding on his mommy's back!" Yes indeedy. Whee whee whee all the way home.

Bella Tiger
Safari guides Cole & Jadyn
These photo spots never get old for the kids. Each time is like new. :)
The End.
(Have a fun summer weekend...)

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