Thursday, July 7, 2011

Answers and Meanings

Sometimes the answers to those life mysteries are simple: fluke. ant poison. done deal. Thank you for your appreciation of the mysteries! I had to pop in and reassure ya'll (yes, I am tired, I will not repress the accent) that the ants did not on fact carry me away. It was a close thing. Even now, I hesitate before saying they are almost all gone. Please please please don't jinx me.

Now I am here, and lo I am weary tonight. This summer fun thing is kicking me. I get that the meaning of summer for children is Fun! Ultimate Fun! Fun Every Day from dawn to dark! And I have truly tried to keep us moving and funning. Even though for Moms the meaning of summer is No More 6am wake-up! No More packing lunches! No More 6am wake-up! (If we're lucky :))
But I will tell you right here and now that you can pack 12 straight hours of awesome fun into a child's day and at the 13th hour when you sit down for a minute, they will ask you "What are we doing today? Can't we go somewhere fun?"
Hence the lo and the weary. I called my Mom and said we are coming to visit for a month, and what I meant was "can I drop them off for a month?" And she only hesitated a moment before saying "Come on! Stay as long as you want!" Bear in mind that her little cottage is a one bedroom, one bath... and I'm not sure I will be the one getting the bed. But we will go in 3 weeks (hurray!) and we will stay a few days. (Hi friends!) And I will hope that she greets the van as she has done before: with her Camp Lilliput t-shirt on, a whistle round her neck, and a clipboard.
Let's go Campers!
Time for an energetic grandmother to step in and whip up some F-U-N, ultimate please.
With this thought I will leave you, before I depress even myself with my low energy.
Answers and Meanings? What a title.


  1. I think I would love your mom.

  2. the answer is go to grandma's house! :)
    Bring it on!
    Yes. I was just saying this morning, I think...
    "It might be better just to be at work???!!"
    That truly was a question...but Summer can wear a mama out!


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