Thursday, June 16, 2011

Other Days

After the "some days" come the "other days" when I am smiling at you, with arms wide open. That is the beauty of blogging - we are none of us alone, when we most need a friend. Thank you for crying along with me, and for being there, even though "there" is in many instances, quite far away. It's strange for me, because I am mostly upbeat, and want to portray that in my writing. And yet... when the melancholy is on, it flows like water right onto paper.

Moving on to daily life, want to know what we did for {frugal} summer fun this week? Yesterday we went out for a soft pretzel, and walked to the nearby pet store. Just to look. There you go, that's an outing. Today we went to see Megamind at the free movie. Dollar popcorn and Icees, kids. And that's an outing. So far so good - I'm still standing!
Happy weekend friends!
We'll be at baseball again most of Saturday, for a doubleheader...


  1. I'm catching up here, I missed Some Days and now realize that your father died? I'm sorry if your heart is aching Bethany. I recall the Richard Farina song Pack Up Your Sorrows - "Well, if somehow / You could pack up your sorrows / And give them all to me / You would lose them / I know how to use them / Give them all to me ..."
    Peace be with you. take good care Bethany.

  2. These days sound great! My kiddos will not have many of them this summer. With year round school, we are only off for July and plan to cram in a week at grandma's house and two weeks of day camp, which leaves only one week of lazy summer activities time... Oh well, we'll enjoy Disney in October!


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