Thursday, June 23, 2011

These Girls

These girls... are such goofballs. When they are together, they are wide-open, full-on crazy fun. None of the silent stares or reserved mumbles that they present to the wide world.
When they are together, they are each Herself, they are who I think of them as, separate and together. And it is a funny thing.
As one friend insightfully put it, they choose only to answer to each other. It is their little world, and we are all impostors. Rick and I have watched this for 6 years, trying to get inside the act with them, and know them fully. It is nearly impossible, I concede.
They are willing to let us witness their delight, and certain close friends can join in the club. But for the most part, what they see as funny IS funny, and what they proclaim as law IS their law. Not too far off from a strong sibling connection, I suppose, just deeper into sisterhood and yet more into twin-hood. They know each other's weaknesses and allow for it, confiding all and telling me what they choose. The tip of the iceberg.
As a consequence, they have many names. Frick and Frack, The Two-headed Sister, Thing 1 and Thing 2. We roll our eyes and secretly chuckle, in appreciation and wonderment, continual confusion, and true helplessness. They do as they please, and we can hope to steer them in the right direction, and hope that they will give an inch. But that remains to be seen.

And yet in the night-time, when we check in before bed, all the noise has melted away, any daily frustration has softened, and this is what we see. An empty bed across the room. A snuggle for the one afraid of the dark. Love, pure and simple.
It is a beautiful thing.


  1. I think you might have to be twins just to be able to sleep nose-to-nose like that, no?
    Yes. Blogging is more easy to understand, {to me} , vamos.
    Thanks for my card, and my little labels. :)

  2. awwww look at that last shot... SO cute!!!

  3. That last shot did me in! I just love them and I love your words describing them. So sweet and wonderful!

  4. what a special way to begin my day - a cup of coffee and seeing this comfortable, magical love between sisters. thanks for sharing Bethany.

  5. I love to catch our children snuggling or doing something so sweet, I never want to forget.
    Cheers to the one afraid of the dark, I'm right there with her!



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