Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Beachside View

I popped in to see if the Sunday Creative was back in action. Alas, no. So you get another post of The Trip That Bethany Took. No gratuitous Caribbean beach pictures here. We all know what gorgeous water, palm trees and beach bum bodies look like, right? Yeah...
So you get the view of our morning walks, in which we stumbled upon a beachside cemetery.
Mere yards to the right, curving beyond the trees, is the sea...

There was something quaint and intriguing about these stones and mausoleums. The few that I could read from over the fence were from only 60 or so years ago. Many of them looked much older. The cemetery went on along the beach for more than a block, making it quite the final resting place.

And since you've been so good, you do get a Beautiful Beach shot. Here is the view from our room, overlooking the pool and beachside restaurant.

Happy Sunday friends...


  1. So is that cemetery the same one that Isaiah loved? Or could that be his option numero dos?
    The beachside cemeteries there have competition!
    This is funny to me right now...don't know why.

  2. that suddenly gave me wanderlust. way better than standard beach shots.

  3. I agree with Bon. I now have this strong desire to take off for someplace far far away! preferably with swaying palm trees just like those in your photos.


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