Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In any language...

...a cold one is a cold one! And in a hot, tropical climate, a cold one is somehow oh-so thirst-quenching. Which was how we found ourselves wandering into a little Italian pub in old San Juan, based on one criteria: beer special 2/$5. We had just toured the fort of El Morro, and took an ill-advised extra hike across the wide grassy hill, over to the wall. (Ill-advised as in, Rick said I don't think we should - and I said something like, well we're here, let's!) Ay ay ay. The unsexy part of the steamy Caribbean? Sweat. I will try not to mention it in every single post!
But this is what we saw across that field:

The graveyard by the sea... we have been informed by my brother Isaiah that it is where he would like to be buried. So really, I had to go and look, right? To see his future resting place, right?
And honestly, it made the long walk back uphill so l-o-n-g, that when we stumbled across the tiny Italian joint, there was no decision to be made at all.
Pizza y Birre, it is called. And pizza y birre is what we had. Absolutely scrumptious thin crust pizza with artichokes and crimini mushrooms on top, and some absolutely hit-the-spot birre from Paraguay. We couldn't leave! This was a high point of the trip, it was that good. And the beer special, well, it was most welcome. The resort area at the beach is rather pricey (as in $7 beer, $15 drinks), but the old city has delicious food and drink - and 2/$5 deals. So we ate, we drank, we took pictures in the mirror, and enjoyed the cozy atmosphere.

That Rick, he has cool ideas, inspired by frosty Paraguayan beverages.


  1. eeekkkk!!
    Pricey hotel drinks, huh??
    That little spot looks cute, and the foto,
    well, it's a keeper. :)
    So did Rick say, "I told you so?"

  2. wow! I love all your photos! Everything looks so beautiful and the mirror totally hides the sweat! LOL! Just kidding... well, not about the sweat... oh, you know what I mean! I'm so glad you guys got to run away and have this special time together! Next up... Copenhagen! A girl can dream, right? Actually we are hoping to come to the States at Christmas this year and THIS time we really need to meet up!!

  3. this looks like so much fun!!! I was checking out your previous post and what I love about the place is the COLOR. but I know what you mean about "steamy". that humidity takes some getting used to. love the mirror shot too. great post. be safe Bethany, and I hope you have the time of your life.


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