Friday, June 17, 2011

Father, Father, let's celebrate a Father!

It is time to celebrate Father's Day, and I know just the Dad to highlight...:)

He is the one who brushes and dries his daughters' hair, as though they were in a city salon.
He is the one who practices baseball skills with his son, after perusing books and websites, so they can be the best possible.
He is the one who holds the baby's hand, through the crib slats, until the little one drifts off to sleep.
He is the one who stays to snuggle after lights out, listening to secrets and stories of the day.
He is the one who calls when he is away, to hear their voices and connect for just a moment at the end of the day.
He is the one who mulls over their futures, and dreams of what is to come.
He is the one who knows them for what they are - cherished spirits that have come in this time and place to grace us with their presence.
They have made him a father in name, but the heart of it did not need teaching.

Happy Father's Day, Rick. We love you!

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  1. five people who are blessed to have this man in their lives. how cool is that? I hope your celebration today creates beautiful memories for your tomorrows. have a really really great one Bethany.


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