Sunday, June 26, 2011

What I Love Today

From left: Isaiah (my older brother), Me, Aaron, Lindsay, Derek (all siblings), Jeremy (my younger brother).
Photo by Joe Whichard. Nice one, Joe!

This picture makes me very happy.
We are the Watson cousins. A close group, we all grew up in Washington, NC and were churched, home-schooled and generally raised together. Two boys and a girl in each family, we are the elder Watson brothers progeny.
Little by little we all moved away, sporadically moved back, and moved away again. Now, only Aaron and Jeremy are still in our hometown, though Lindsay is back and living 20 minutes away.
Different lifestyles, long-distance travel and busy families have kept us from all getting together, as we used to do at the holidays. With my father gone, and my grandmother a laid-back matriarch, there is not the push to gather us all near and re-connect.
My brother Jeremy's wedding in April was the perfect reunion.
It has been a long time, but we have so many memories together, from so many years has made me a little sentimental for those days.
In my mind's eye, I see us running wild through the woods, our family German Shepherd dogs for guardians. I see the youngest of each family, Jeremy and Derek, playing army men and running around sweaty and tough. I can hardly reconcile the adults we are today with the children we all were.
I only know that this must be what family is all about. Time and distance have separated us, and maybe we don't know the minutiae of one anothers daily lives... but it is good to be together, share small talk and soak in the moment.
This is what I love today.
Happy Sunday...

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  1. That is a gorgeous picture of all of you...I am seeing a little giftie for everyone of them in the future...
    If you have not already had my idea, too, and acted on it. :)


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