Friday, November 20, 2009

A World where magic is real...

Dear Kids,

You are invited to spend a week where magic is real and dreams come true...

Please join the fun at Walt Disney World!!

We can't wait to meet you!

The questions that followed were in turn funny, practical and downright strange. The girls both needed to know what size Mickey Mouse would be. They are still slightly skeptical about large costumed characters, having been terrified by Chuck E Cheese earlier this year. (And by terrified, I mean that when the singing mouse came out, they ran and held on to my leg under the table. Yeah. Same scene with Santa every year. Oh my.)
They were assured of Mickey's general friendliness, and that he was about the size of a grown-up.
Cole wanted to know how long it would take to get there, and how we would travel. He then assured the girls that flying was fun and nothing to worry about. This discussion sparked the girls' next questions:
Isabella wanted to know where we would leave our car while we were flying.
Jadyn wanted to know if someone would steal our car while we were gone. (See? Downright strange.)
Another concern of Isabella's? Would it be dark when we left the house. It will in fact be dark, and that adds to the fun. They are always up in the early morning when it IS dark, but rarely leave the house. Anymore. Not since we put the high locks on the doors. (Not kidding.)
The Secret Santa of this Family Fun-cation is Rick's brother, Uncle Dennis! We equally appreciate that he will accompany us and join in the fun. Parents of 4 love additional adults around!
Since the Big Reveal, we have gone over The Plan in detail, from packing to departure, to traveling on planes, trains and automobiles, from eating-out manners to sleeping arrangements. Whenever I sit on the couch, here they come to snuggle in and ask "Can we talk about Disney some more?"
Three weeks left to talk and plan, and yes, it really is fun to dream about the place where magic is real...
There you go.
Big Trip '09 is coming our way!
Shiver me timbers...

The whole idea has brought back memories of my childhood trips to Disney. I'll wrangle some time for one of those stories soon.
Happy weekend!

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