Friday, November 27, 2009

Blue Ridge

Going home, to a surrogate home, is often as rich in memory and love as an actual home.

Yesterday, we went home to Blue Ridge. We spent the day with our friends, on the creek, in a place I have been going to since I was a child.

My children ran to the creekside, and my mind's eye replaced them with a glimpse of myself
and my brothers.

Running along that creek, at different bends throughout the years, we visited as the Boyd Family moved along the creek with each new cabin they built. The anticipation as our car pulled up yesterday echoed the remembered thrill of years ago, as we finally arrived after hours of driving. This place has a special peace about it that is a combination of the beautiful land and the beautiful people that live on it. These friends are woven throughout our lives, in a happy tangle of memories and shared experiences. Our children will build the 3rd generation of shared family friendship. Tom & Naomi Boyd started as my parent's friends, became our friends, and presided over our marriage on an NC mountain. Just as it should be.

Tom blessed the Thanksgiving meal with a prayer, and touched our hearts as he spoke: Today may be the last of some, or the first of many...

Either way, his voice and heart resonate through my life. My Uncle Tom, and father in the absence of my own. We smile at each other, and the years of shared meetings and love are a balm to my soul. These people know my heart, and it is safe in their care.

The joy of a girl allowed to roam. The simple pleasure of watching sticks and leaves swirl down through the current. The icy water on curious fingers. The inevitable slip of a foot on muddy, mossy rocks... (It was Cole this time - splash, under the water - a frozen boy)

Stacy, Landon's wife - my sweet friend of 13 years; Esther Wood (sister-in-law to a dear friend of my Dad) - an enjoyable, vivacious lady; Naomi - "Aunt Oma" as the kids call her - my friend of heart and wisdom.

Uncle Tom & Rick catch up on the happenings.

Isabella snuggles with Landon. The sight reminded me of my adoration of Landon when I was 4, and he was a Big Kid at 11.

And as long as there are Boyd's in Blue Ridge, there should be a little blond-haired girl that loves them.


  1. This is so sweet Bethany!
    :) Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

  2. Looks like you all had a wonderful trip! Happy Thanksgiving, Girl!


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