Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Feast Day

It was Feast Day at school today. And this turkey had a tight schedule, 2 turkey lunches and a toddler nap to squeeze in the middle. I am stuffed and a little bit dizzy and not responsible for any coherent account of the day.

9:45am - turkey songs in the preK class.
"Mr. Turkey, Mr. Turkey are you getting nice & fat? We will have you for Thxgiving, now what do you think of that!"
And there stood the 4 year olds, wiggling their arms, humming the words, and staring at the roomful of parents. Like deer in the headlights. Dressed like Indians.
Jadyn camouflaged herself, and phantomed her way out of any pictures I tried to take.
Next, the teacher had them each step forward and say what they are thankful for.
They are such herd animals! One boy said he was thankful for his Mommy, and that was it - the whole class was thankful for their Mommy - except one little boy who preferred his dog. Wide eyes, all, thankful for Mommy... Mommy... Mommy... dog... Mommy...

10:45-11:15 Sleep, Phoenix, sleep fast! (And then go play at Rachael's - because one feast is enough for you!)

11:25 - 3rd grade Feast. Complete with handmade placecards and placemats. Cole enjoyed his pb&j and I enjoyed his feast.

12:15 - Whew. One feast and 3 desserts later... I waddled home feeling like it was naptime. (Yes, I finished every one of my children's desserts. Strawberry shortcake. Mmm. There are very few things public school cafeterias make well. This was tasty.)

In other news, Phoenix had his 18 month check-up yesterday. I love to get those print-outs, and come home to compare his growth with the others. But it's not always a good thing to have tall children - they become small giants just when you want to freeze them. For example - the girls at 4 are wearing size 6. They are sweet and tall - and got there too quickly. All of a sudden it is hitting us, just how big they are getting. We watched some videos last weekend, of them at age 1 and 2, and it was hilarious and bittersweet.
Isabella, so verbal and vocal - "It's my turn!"
Jadyn so scampy and mischievous.

I pulled out their baby books today, to see their size at 18 months - and said "Oh no!"
Phoenix is the same height, 33 inches, that they both were at his age. Though quite a bit leaner, if you remember the fat-rollage on those girls. :) They were 3 pounds heavier than he is, my long lean little fellow.
You know what this means. Small Whirlwind will get an extra measure of grace for all of his hijinks today, because he is on track to sprout and shoot up and not be my little Mr. Big anymore. And for all their troublesome messes, toddlers are sweetness. The excitement of each first word, and the thrill of understanding what in the world they are trying to say. It's my favorite age, when the words start.

The years passed so slowly when they weren't marked by inches.

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