Monday, November 16, 2009

In Which I have News but Don't Tell It

I know I promised not to title any post, anything to do with "News."
Settle down.
Despite Cole's daily wish for another baby sister, it is not to be. That is not The News. (Seriously? He does wish for more babies every day. Every. Day. I feel a little twinge for his future wife, and hope she's a good breeder. The boy loves babies. As he left for school, chattering all the way out the door, he remarked out of blue about how surprised he was when he found out Phoenix was coming. In a sentimental way, like he wanted that feeling again. Of course, combined with the feeling of superiority he carries as the eldest. Oy.)

But back to The News. A certain Secret Santa has provided a certain sizable family with a certain Trip for Christmas. Care to guess who, what or where?

It is News. Big News.

It is all I can think about and plan for and obsess about, because, you know, wow. Wow!!
A Gift And a Trip! A Gift OF a Trip!
The Trip will take place in 26 days and last for 6 days. A countdown calendar has been made, and if you think you detect {almost} equal parts excitement and apprehension, you would be right.
This announcement is also by way of explanation of the no-show I've been pulling lately, here at the Borderland. As I plan and ponder, I put forth every effort to control the uncontrollable - and we all know where that will get me. Well, hopefully down to the Mexican bar on the corner - Ole! But realistically... ahem.

Go ahead, give it a guess - you've got a {random} clue to go on, somewhere in the last several posts - and I'll be working on The Reveal post for tomorrow. 'Cause I can't stop thinking about it long enough to write about anything else. Even cute babies. Ack!


  1. okay, bethany, it's gotta be disney!! phoenix inspired this trip, no? AND you have to know i am the most devoted blog reader--b/c I did GO BACK AND READ to figure this out..yep um humm..
    YAY! YAY! have fun! :)
    oh..did i guess right?

  2. :) Yes Susan, your devotion thru it all is evident in the "1 comment" note beneath the entire 1st yr of posts. heehee... {but i love my email commenters too!}
    And YES! Disney here we come!


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