Monday, November 9, 2009

I have not gone to Ninja

No, no, still here. Not far away in Ninja, not at all. I am, however, learning the fine art of parenting with a missing voice. I woke up today, after a week with a cough, to a hoarse whispery voice. This may work out fine. Without Old Yeller I will be whispery mommy. I would advise you all to stay clear of my neighborhood, as there will be random, roaming children, with no Yeller to keep them in line. Speaking of Ninja, coincidentally, yet another pre-K child has gone to Ninja. Gotta watch out for that place. It sucks up pre-K students.

There are many things going on, as usual in our household, and most have been photographed in hopes of delighting and enlightening or at the very least, umm, inspiring posters for birth control. But I have promised to show you My New Spot, aka The Desk-y Love of My Life - and today I deliver! In the words of Zach Gill, keyboardist for Jack Johnson, don't touch my stuff... I know right where everything is... (take a listen, if only for that first line, very catchy stuff.)


Hours have passed since I began this post. Is that information crucial? Well, yes. Yes it is. It is pertinent because I was about to reveal The Spot, which was rearranged and created by shifting furniture and houseplants. The houseplants, which are huge and greatly loved by the adults around here, have resided behind enemy lines (eg - baby gates) since the girls began crawling. But in order to arrange My Spot, we risked moving a big corn plant into the family room. I gave it until Thursday. As you will kindly notice, that large appealing dirt pile made it until Monday, noontime, which is only 3 days. Small Boy was busily flinging dirt everywhere, and when I caught him and whisper-croaked "Stop!" he just flung himself belly-down, right on top of the dirt.

I thought he was happily entertaining himself while I blogged. OK, yes, so he was. But isn't it ironic that he entertained himself with the one messy addition to the room that was occasioned by my new desk?? As I was telling you about my desk?? Ironic?? Or just toddler-ish and scampy.

And now for the great reveal of my new home-at-home! It's a bird, it's a plane.... it's Super-desk!

Here it is in lock-down mode, where the aforementioned Stuff, which does happen to include scrapping and card-making supplies, can rest and wait for me to come back at leisure. Ahhh.

And here it is in work mode! There I sit, clickety-clacking away! Check out all the outrageous doors o' storage on this baby! The bottom two are still {empty} which is just thrilling.

Are you ready for the kicker?? Did you know there would be one?? The desk was a good luck find at an outlet, for the preciously low, low price of $99.

Yes, friends. $99. I saw her, I dreamed about her, I could not sleep until I had her in my possession. Why she is female, I do not know. Perhaps the mystery of her many and varied compartments? Her elegant yet spacious accoutrements? This is getting weird. I'm out of here.

This concludes your introduction to Ms. Desk. Consider yourself friends. But don't touch my stuff.


  1. Oohh,la,la! How lovely and what a steal/deal!!! I can just picture you typing/creating away...what fun! Love it!

  2. Bethany!
    I love {HER}!
    Great job on the bargain hunting for a desk...
    Girl..that is a good one!
    Now, seriously...good luck keeping {little people} OUT.
    I am not seeing any padlocks... HA!


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