Wednesday, November 25, 2009

5260, 629

Two random numbers
Two meanings.
Is this the deep post on days as a mother?
Is this the number of sleepless nights I have enjoyed?
The number of diapers I have changed?
No. nonononononononono...

There are 5,260 emails in my inbox.
There are 629 unread emails in my inbox.

Morbid curiosity drew me to the beginning of my downward spiral of email management, and it coincides with 2004 - the year of the twin pregnancy. And I started reading some of the mail, from some dear friends and family and.... I STILL! Could. Not. Delete.
I love to look back at those!

I do not love to see the Unread column - which is e-bill notifications that I, in my clear and present state of lucid evaluation (which has lasted 5 years) decided to leave unread, because as we all know - if an email is left unread it Will Be Noticed! And Paid On Time! Of course! At least.... until it scrolls down to the next page. Into the email underworld of forgottenness. We're lucky our power is on, water still runs, and trash gets picked up. And you just learned something about me. I Pay The Bills.
Oh scary thought. Oh scary bill-paying-forgetfulness. Oh butt-clenching-middle-of-the-night-remembering-of-mortgage!
No, really, we're in no danger at all. Auto-pay is my friend. Auto-pay and I have a love-love relationship. It takes care of our bills, I leave the emails Unread.

So I deleted a few emails, and then distracted and congratulated myself by reading a few more oldie-but-goodies.
I cannot even say that I will ever clean out the inbox. Thankfully, hotmail, in it's wisdom, has done away with whatever came before 2004.

Umm, overwhelmed much? Is your inbox empty or full?

This is how I spend the morning when the ducklings are home from school, roaming around waiting for something to happen. Writing a post about nothing.
You're welcome.

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  1. Oh, B! Thank you! You made me feel so much better about the 210 unread e-mails I have and the 16 pages (not sure what that totals up to) of undeleted emails I am hanging on to. :)
    Had to catch up on your posts - pics of kids getting their Disney cards are priceless.
    Good luck with the costumed characters!


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