Thursday, November 19, 2009

Almost News... OK - News!

I teased you. I honestly didn't mean to. My intentions were sweet and grand and would have made a memorable story. The Unfolding of The Trip. But somewhere between me sitting down to write & me typing the first sentence, things began to happen. It felt like a Curious George adventure: "Oh, what happened! First this, and then this!"

Please notice the remote, down there in all the dirt. Have no doubt, it will be filthied and then hidden somewhere that will force us into a three-room, down and dirty trash-can search.

This bodes no good thing. When did 18 months surpass the entire neanderthal intellect? Pushing chairs and using them as tools to reach a desired outcome? I see the crib tent in our near future. That lovely mesh device that keeps insane toddlers from launching themselves out of bed in the night...
The missing picture in this sequence is the one of Small Monkey pushing the high chair to the wall, by the desired phone, climbing up on top of the chair... and then slipping and falling just as I reached him...*bang* on his noggin. That's when I called it quits and went to sit with him. I thought the pictures would tell the story, 'cause, you know somesuch phrase about a picture and a thousand words being sufficient... and you'll get your thousand words too, I'm sure. He is at the gate staring at me, even now, and throwing trucks at me. If he could get his jammies off, he would be throwing poo like a zoo denizen, I am sure.

But back to the teasing. It was unintentional, and I can make it up to you!
I'll start... Oops. As I wrote this, Small Monkey showed up at the gate carrying a small chair - suitable for climbing over a gate. Darn his neanderthal superiority!
Tomorrow? I'll get back to you...


  1. Okay, so I've out of touch, (my Ma-Ma's in town) so I just got your big news - thanks to Susan for saving me the brain power I'd have used on trying to figure this out!
    Considering this post, I'm going to suggest you put a GPS locating device on that Monkey before said trip! :)

  2. WHAT?! You have news and you aren't SHARING? Please DO share! In the meantime, though, I think Traci may have a great idea. I see GPS in the future for our little Landon... apparently our boys are cut from the same cloth! Oh, and I think it's hilarious that Cole wants more babies. Hailey tells us that she wants a sister, but we've told her that there is no WAY! LOL! She's the next one having a baby! LOL!

  3. Victor's afternoon activity today?--beating the chex mix up with a hammer on the newly vacuumed rug...
    he just HAD to fix it..
    Boys will be boys.


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