Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween run-down

Happy sunny day!

I am happily writing to you from my new desk - which I will soon show to you. Let's just say that my new desk has almost eclipsed Halloween and its craziness. I heart this desk. It is a large, fine desk. Suitable for holding all of my things. This desk has so much storage, it can be my computer center, bill-paying center AND craft center. Uh-huh.
Did you hear I got a new desk? I did. Anddid you hear that I'm no longer perched precariously on a stool beside the sideboard, bruising my knees each and every time I write to you, which, interestingly just reminded me of penance? My penance for chattering on and on about mundane drivel? Oh, I hope not.
Well. I hope you enjoyed the Halloween reveal.

What a sight, the sight of the 4 Learlings in the costumes of their choice. Yes, not only do I not do school art projects for my kids, I also do not make them wear things I think are cute. Clearly. Because, if I did, they would all have matched and been something fun that comes in fours. Right? Instead, I could only have my way with little Mickey Mouse - and isn't he
s-w-e-e-t?? Even with the shiner, which made him look like a tough Mickey.
Maybe next year. Maybe next time - as Isabella says, each time I try to convince her to wear a certain outfit. Maybe tomorrow, as Jadyn says every time I try to sway her choice of clothing.
There's always next year, next time and tomorrow, right?
So. We traipsed around with 2 ninjas, a reindeer named Rudolph and a Mickey Mouse. We were hardcore, baby! We walked a few miles in the rain, without even a stroller - let alone a tan suburban. (that one's for you, Susan!) I was pleased to find you all concurred with the "trick or drinking" proposal (to quote Shah's phrase - hey BB!), and I can say it made me not only happier, but is the sole reason I agreed to keep slogging around in the rain. I became a "Sure we can!" Mom instead of a "Head home NOW!" Mom. :) Though I will say maybe I laughed a little too uproariously when an alien answered the door at one house. I hooted and hollered and yelled "Good one!" - mostly because all the kids jumped back when she opened the door - and that was worth it all.
A good (soaking wet exhausting) time was had by all, and now I'm ready to trash all that sugar because it has turned my children into demons. BOO!


  1. bethany,

    you forgot the picture of the desk!
    your mickey is PRECIOUS! :)
    it is great that you let them pick!
    me too! amen to that one--i mean, really--who CARES what their kid picks to be for halloween?
    who would attempt to influence that?--vamos!

  2. I'm at a loss for words. Phoenix...I can't stop smiling!!!


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