Thursday, November 5, 2009

Irresistible Mickey

It's innate.
Cute babies are irresistible. Cute Mickey Mouse-clad babies even moreso. But cute Mickey Mouse babies that clean up after a party? Bring it, Mickey! My neighbor/ friend Rachael had Vega's 3rd birthday party on Halloween, and little Mickey saw the mess and went straight for the vaccuum.

The ultimate party guest...

Go, Mickey, go! Turn that hoover on a dime! Thanks to Rick's Mom for that Lanese cleaning gene. :) Phoenix can sure Lanese around...

This one I love, because he can't stop looking at the gloves. Next, he poked at the round white buttons - and thought they were giant eyes. He was a little bit "seared" of them.

I don't know why a baby boy in black tights & a puffy Mickey suit is so hilarious - but we smiled all evening as he puttered around in that round dumpling. So I thought I'd spread more smiles... and work the Mickey suit for one more day.

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  1. work it girl!
    He is precious.
    ahhh...babies. ...:)


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