Tuesday, September 30, 2008

mad mommy

To the silver Honda Odyssey mommy in a hurry to get her daughter to preschool today: I wrote down your license number, when I caught you at the stoplight, after following you through my entire neighborhood - no easy feat, considering the fact that you blew through EVERY stop sign and drove 20mph over the speed limit! Thank you to that pesky/lucky pedestrian that happened to be crossing, as he stopped you in your tracks, enabling me to barely make out your license plate number. And believe me, as I watched you pull into MY girls' preschool carpool line and drop your daughter off, right in front of me, I could only stare in astonishment and think oh no you did NOT!
You will be getting a letter! I have friends on the citizen's auxiliary police force! And failing that, I know by your carpool number exactly which class your kid is in! I guess you just didn't want your little doll to be late, and miss handing in that huge sparkly, hot pink butterfly posterboard with her favorite things posted all over it.

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  1. well at least you know who not to let your girls ride with to school!


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