Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rah Rah Obama!

Yeahhhh. Way to throw around the words like you speak the language! Way to bring eloquence back! Way to bring the facts and figures back! Way to actually answer the questions! Way to... well, you get the point.

I found the, ahem, debate (if I must call it that) very enjoyable. And found myself wondering what exactly are people hearing when they listen to The Opponent? Is it like Children of the Corn? Do they watch him and recite the talking points in a brainwashed monotone? Come on people! How many times can you answer a question with "I will cut spending." Thanks. We got it the first time. And please, have your cake or eat it - though canst not do both! Are ya gonna be the maverick (loner), or the guy reaching across the aisle, facilitating solutions? Pick one, I'm getting a mixed message.

I have a theory that The Opponents followers are being thrown off by the maverick nickname. They hear that word, and in their heads go somewhere, oh, late 80's, a military base... fighter pilots... Tom Cruise... with me here? And they think The Maverick! H&ll yeah!! I'll vote for HIM! :-) I didn't know HE was running!

My favorite part of the night was Obama's view on foreign relations, and restoring the world's respect for America. He is so well-rounded, from his grasp of economics, to his acknowledgement of America's natural place in the world as a beacon of hope for those less fortunate. So Round One goes to the one who actually IS Mr. Congeniality, because that actually works when trying to get things done and run a country. You know, working together, melding ideas, cooperating... somehow it seems so simple! :)

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