Thursday, September 11, 2008

Caught up... again...

I know I should just turn off CNN sometimes, and be peaceful and content to not think about politics. And yet... here I am again, watching, soaking it all in, googling comments made by The Opponents, and holding imaginary conversations with myself.
And since I've already delved into politics, why not religion? Ooh, scary. Either draws people closer or scares them off every time! :)
The repeated line in my head today was to Palin (yes, again).

"Hey Palin, God called. He said to tell you that there's only one of Him, and He's on both sides."

But she will be bold, and she will insist that we are in Iraq doing God's task - which smacks of superiority. Because the people we war against are also praying to God for assistance, deliverance and victory. As are the soldiers, bystanders, townspeople and children of all nations involved. God is God. He goes by many names, in fact too many to count.

Here is an awesome song by one of my favorite artists, Jack Johnson. I'll try to post the link, because you can read the lyrics AND hear the song here:

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