Friday, September 26, 2008

Look here, missy

A certain BFF has razzed me about my recent adoration of Twilight. Because, technically, it is a "young adult" novel. Technically. Oh alright! I'm the "loose woman" of the book! I'll read anything! I've said it before and it will be repeated - I like big... books and I cannot lie..." Come on, you know you can sing it...
Besides, what are these classifications about anyway. Lack of R language, intimate scenes - come on. Sometimes the best writers say more by saying less. And Lord knows, the teen set is reading more into every scene anyway, regardless of mmmphmm details. uhyeahyeah. Anyway, while the grown-ups of the world were moving on, I have apparently been scoping out the teen crowd & loving it. Can I get a hollah from the one other Anne McCaffrey fan?? Another friend recently told me he was into those Pern books "years ago." I didn't mention that I watch her site for each new release, and read her son's books too... Oh well, some habits die hard. Particularly the sci-fi ones, because hey - it's hard to write sci-fi and make it believable and appealing! I have enough daily experience of The Real World - so please, take me away! Tell me about lovers who *don't* have to clean up messes they didn't make! Throw in a little crrrrazy vampire action! I will read it and be glad that for a moment I got to leave these four walls. Lord knows, the screamer keeps me in a 4 block radius these days , and my how that chafes.
The world has enough going on that is of momentous import, so I like to go off-worlding now and then, and enjoy it enough to share the love. So just smile and thank me in the morning. Because you WILL be up late finishing Twilight. Betcha. BFF. ;-)

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