Thursday, January 15, 2009

Greetings brave souls!

If you are still checking in on me after my shocking, voluptuous belly expose yesterday, then welcome. And all apologies. I really should have put a warning on that post.
I got caught up in reminiscing and looking at those pictures, and musing on the girlies upcoming birthday.
Today I have been thinking of metaphors. I mean, sure, I could just say that some days are a challenge, but where's the fun in that? The dementia can usually be chased away with a fun metaphor about tending the tribe and their daily needs. Alone. While my husband is working in Vegas. So here's what I came up with:

1. Life is like PacMan. Some days I gobble all the circles and fruits, dodge the bad guys (aka breakdowns), and win the game. Other days the finale music "womp-womp-womp-waaaahhhh" plays every hour.

2. Life is like Tetris. Some days you build something out of all the blocks thrown at you, other days the stuff just piles up.

3. Life is like Star Wars. Some days you have The Force, and it is with you strong. Other days you find out Darth is your father, the Millenium Falcon breaks down, and the Ewoks have multiplied beyond belief. (This one really works, because Phoenix and his little ears are so very Yoda. And he totally keeps me on track.)

"Help you I will..."

4. Life is like Pinball. No matter how hard you ding those silver balls, they keep rolling back your way. Heh. I guess I mean for the kids to be the little silver balls? I think?
Anyway I will live to play another day. Hit me with your best metaphor.

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