Monday, January 12, 2009

G'night Jim Bob...

Last night our city had a power outage. No storm, no rain, just an outage around 4am.
Now, most people would never notice a middle-of-the-night outage, because most people are sleeping. My twins are not "most people" and did in fact notice this outage. Loudly.
We were startled awake by Isabella screaming for both of us, and I scrambled in there quickly once I realized everything was pitch black. And silent. We keep small fans going in the kids rooms to block out household noise. So, without the hum of fans it was dark and silent and apparently creeping the squeaky out of Bella.
I felt my way into her bed, shushing her and hoping the boys would not be wakened.
I heard Jadyn mumble something, but she laid right back down. So I snuggled in with Isabella, reassuring her that the power would come back on soon, and so would her nightlight.What is more cozy than snuggling a freshly bathed child, all warm from sleep? The sweet scent of baby shampoo just wafting from that silky fine hair... it had been awhile since I had been in their room in the night.
Out of the utter dark I heard a quavery voice: "Mommy, can you bring Bella and come to my bed?" I said Jadyn could come over and lay with us, and she replied "But I can't find you!" A moment of vulnerability for my iron-clad toughie.
So we laid in that little bed whispering about the power guys. Jadyn wondered what they were doing working on the power at bedtime, and when they would get to our house.
Suddenly Phoenix tunes up, and Isabella whimpers urgently "Don't leave me!"
I lay there debating which mole to whack, when creakety-creak goes the floor and in comes Rick. And I called his name, like there would be someone else creeping around upstairs in the dark. :)
He came and snuggled the girls while I got Phoenix back to sleep... or so I thought.
I was just slipping back to sleep in our own bed, when Phoenix screamed again. As a 5am riser, I figured it must be his time, so I tucked him in with me to nurse and hopefully doze some more.
Not 5 minutes later, here comes Rick into our room, carrying both girls.
I whispered warningly "I'm in here, with Phoenix!"
And then we both burst into giggles.
Because we just got a new king-size bed, and this was the first time we had most of the crew in there. He settled the girls between us, and we giggled some more, and I was itching to call out G'night Jim Bob, or whatever that Walton's name was.
So the 5 of us lay there listening to Cole snore (he had snuck into his sleeping bag, beside the bed, much earlier), enjoying the warmth, and trying to sleep a few winks before dawn.

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  1. So sweet! :)
    Gosh, snuggles are so sweet.
    YOur mom brought the book by. It is my next read.
    I have to get through my Mexican gangsta woman book first. ;).


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