Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sideblog: Redeemed! Maybe!

Part 3 of the Computer Tales:
The second family computer arrived from the North Pole.
The CD/DVD drive does not work. At all.
Words fail me now, though they did not fail me when speaking with customer service. Hey Murphy, your law sucks! What are the flippin' odds??
As Rick said, "I want to tell them to take a hike, but my wallet keeps saying let's give this one more try."
The things we go through for a good {refurb} deal.
So, I have been assured that the new CD/DVD drive they are sending is a simple plug n' play deal, that I should have no trouble installing. The customer service dude casually said I can just pop off the top of the computer, twist a few wires and it's done.
My eyes! My eyes! I cannot look at the interior workings of a complex, nay magical, electronic device! He lost me at "pop off the top." This is not a coke! I don't even pop the top of my van to check to oil!
I am not a techie, I just play one on tv. There is a reason my diploma says political science on it, and not computer science. And science in this case is v-e-r-y loosely defined...
Be prepared for Part 4, if the drive arrives today: "In Which I Attempt A Foray Into Magic-Land."

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  1. Bethany!!
    You wanted this computer too bad.
    That is the answer.
    We have friends who bought some refurbed g-way computers years ago, and they are both perfect! They did not have the blogging future/passtime depending on this refurb deal's ability to work.
    Damnit Murphy!!


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