Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Secret Life Of B

Catchy, eh? I'm thinking I should copyright that for myself, you know, so no one else grabs it. Me being The B and all.

The name goes way back.

It sounds way cooler than I used to think I was. Only now? Now I know I am way cool.

Because not only did I venture into magical territory inside an open computer, I fixed the d@mn thing! I installed a new CD/DVD drive that actually works!

So it IS a secret life for The B, this side of me that fixes magi-technological thingies.

No one would suspect...

Lest I jest, there is proof that I actually did open some sort of boxy/wirey/contraption.
See the small dark button just above my hand? That is where you pop the top, kids. That thing is not even screwed closed as a warning to people! (And by "people" I mean "me.")

I suppose better proof would be me blogging more frequently, to show that I have in fact reclaimed my computer...

Well. I don't know where the week has gone, but I can promise it was not spent in the worthy pastime of drinking mimosas in celebration of school starting. (Susan!) That would at least have resulted in some entertaining tales, I feel sure!

But back to my secret life.

I felt a spark - a delicious shiver!- of nerdiness as I connected the cables and twisted the tiny screws. I would so love to be one that is comfortable in that world of wires and sparkly, colorful nodes. To walk amongst the aisles of Circuit City and know just what a circuit is.

But I will settle for simply being able to use whatever technology comes my way.

And to that end I am embarking on MagicLand project number 2: In Which I Successfully Transfer All My Photos To An External Hard Drive So That This Computer Will Run At Warp Speed.

I have had said hard drive for almost a year. I have yet to figure out if all my files are on it or not. I keep synching... and spying the filenames when i check from my computer... but when I plug the drive into Rick's pc to verify that I have indeed copied my precious pictures - nada.

See, that is why it is MagicLand. Files appear and disappear at random. (Don't lay the blame at my feet, just because I have blogged about ye olde slipping mind. I read the manuals before I even open the packaging!)

This may prove to be a frequent topic for me, so it's best to name it right off the bat.

MagicLand. MagicLand. MagicLand.

Say it 3 times and all your computing wishes come true.


  1. Bethany,

    GReat job! What an accomplishment!

  2. One time I knew a computer fixer.
    He told me that he really thought that computers had personalities, and that sometimes what he did to fix them was just talk nicely to them...this guy got paid to fix computers!
    Did you have to whisper sweet nothings?
    Or did you just cuss?

  3. :) I put on lip gloss and stayed completely silent. I think it was a charm spell that worked...


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