Saturday, January 3, 2009

Do you hear that sound?

That fragmented sound? Like small, tinkling bells?

It is the sound of my sanity shattering into itsy bits, and scrambling for a quiet corner.

It means that school has been out nigh on 14 days, and my children need to go back. They are squabbling despite all the new toys and activities, and have OD'ed on Spongebob. Such insane bickering I have not heard before. At the moment, the girls are painting watercolor princess pictures, and arguing over who swirled their paintbrush in the water longer. And who the paint is closer to. And exchanging insults.
"I don't like you." "Hey!" "Don't touch my paintbrush." "Hey!!" "She is not getting any more pictures." "Hey!!!" "Bella, gimme some!"
Here comes Cole: "Where did you get that paint!? Where?!" "Is it mine?!"

And I have lost the point of this pointless tale.
Oh yeah. Sanity and school starting.

But there is also a brief rant involved!
I am debating about the header: "Why Malls Are To Be Avoided" or "House Committee on Un-American Activities."

What? You say you like the sound of the second? Me too. But it did start at the mall, so that gets a mention.
While parked at the mall, some unknown un-American defaced my Obama sticker.
It was a rather historic one, because I bought it way before he was in with the in crowd, and way before he even announced his candidacy, and even before the campaign logo was created.

It says "Barack Obama. Hope. Courage. Vision."

But I had to smirk at the current state of affairs. Because all of the good ole patriots flying their flags and denouncing anyone of questionable descent have now become un-American. :) It is decidedly un-American and un-patriotic to deface a sticker that supports our new President!

I have another one, but will leave the battle-scarred sticker on. Though perhaps the unknown vandal could take up a hobby of scraping off the W stickers that run rampant in these parts...
Change has come to Georgia, whether you're on the train or not. :)
Please report any other un-American activities to me. Ya'll are on notice, patriots. The new patriots are coming to town, and we've got plans. Plans to make the word swivel back to its true meaning...

Happy New Year! The countdown is on! 18 days til the skies open and the angels sing!
Ah... I feel a little more sane just thinking about it...

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  1. Bethany,

    That is just sh*tty! I cannot believe someone would do that...well, yes I can, actually.
    And you want to believe that it was some teenager, but the sad truth is that it could have been an adult! YIkES! How un-American, you are right.
    There was a funny blog entry, I think on Suburban Turmoil about stay at home moms lamenting the end of the summer, and the blog author was saying--come on, you know you drop them off and then go home and break out the mimosas and sit around on your a** all day and enjoy watching morning shows! :)
    It cracked me up! :)


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