Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last minute Christmas humor!

Can I post some Christmas funnies? As long as there are still decorations out, it's not quite over, right?

OK, because the equation going on this week is that the length of my posts is related to the amount of free time I have. So I will have to make do with a short list. But, erstwhile posting does not mean I am not thinking of posting! Never believe it! Soon I can return to my regularly scheduled pastime, once County schools return to theirs (sorry Susan! Our blogging frequency is conversely related! ;-))

Memorable quotes from the Christmas Past (Passed? Passe?):

1. My Mom, upon seeing my new pajamas: "What are trying to do, scare Rick out of bed?"

Lacking a picture to post, I can only say that these pj's have gained me the name Big Top B. They are very colorful and stripey, and if they also give me night-time celibacy, well, I am over-fertile anyway. So it will all even out. TMI? So sorry. :)
To clarify, when Rick first saw these particular pj's, his first remark was "Did those come with some big shoes and a red nose?" Har-har-har.

2. Cole, upon seeing an Isabella's unfortunately draped sleeping bag: "Mom! Why does Isabella's sleeping bag have a bad word on it?!? It says Hell Kitty!"
Cut to a shot of all adult heads swiveling in the direction of that sleeping bag. Which was hanging on the chair, just so, and did in fact read Hell Kitty. Coincidence? I think not. Isabella *had* been a bit whiny that day. :) And my Mom, *was* straightening the house that morning...

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  1. Bethany,

    YOu are going to have to post a picture of the PJs
    I cannot even imagine what you could wear that would scare a man out of bed, but I might want some...hmmm...


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