Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Adventures with Harry Librarian

I have not been a fan of our local library. We've lived in this suburb of Atlanta for almost 7 years, and for each of those years I have moaned about our shabby library. It is old and small and not well-appointed. The staff for these last years have been the usual library fare - older women with little humor. Some are grumpy, some are kindly, most are humorless. Add to that the signs hanging everywhere that tell children to be quiet - or they will be eaten... well. No fun that place.

But this year something spectacular happened. Someone hit a curve into the staffing department and hired a young male librarian. Harry Librarian, I call him. He is tall and bespectacled and like a grown-up Harry Potter. Hum along with me now - One of these things is not like the other... - and you will have Harry Librarian.

He is charming and bookish and helps me with all of my extensive library needs. His enthusiasm and kindness and c-u-t-e-n-e-s-s don't hurt a bit. Harry won my heart when he tossed an unexpected book recommendation my way, and it was a good read. (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon - check it.)

So I have had this enjoyable library experience for several months now, and it has even progressed to the point where I stopped going there *after*the gym. Yeah. All because of Harry Librarian. A reader's gotta have a fresh shirt and some lip gloss on to go liberrying these days. I look forward to my library stops with a certain skip in my step these days.

Which catches you up to the current state of affairs. Cole reads nightly, and has been hassling me to get him some more books. Since he goes to bed willingly when he has fresh reading material, this became a pressing request - for both of us. Only, things have been rushed and busy and a library visit hadn't happened. Until now. But I could only fit it in after my dental visit.... in which I had my left jaw shot to h3ll with novocaine that took half a day to wear off.

I could not avoid a stop at the library, and believe me, I tried. Oh, the horror! Oh the absolute dangling of my numb jaw! I checked my face for signs of palsy, and then I quickly snuck in and chose a bagful of books for Cole. From behind the stacks, I scoped out the checkout situation. Harry Librarian was busy, and Old Lady Usual was free. I was in! Cue the Mission Impossible tune. I strode over to the desk just as Old Lady Usual suddenly walked to the back room, and Harry scooted over to my line. Oh. No. No-no-no. Not today. Not like this, Harry.

He greeted me with his usual grin, all set to discuss book referrals and anything current. I was only set to drool uncontrollably and smile with one half of my face. I held my jug-size jaw still and maintained a pleasant face for as long as I could. Which was until one of his remarks needed an answer. My hands flew up to cover the inevitable escape of drool and I stammered "I've just been to the dentist and I can't talk! See ya!" I gave him my best eye-twinkle from behind both hands.

Harry Librarian grinned in a surprised manner and said "No problem!" as I bolted for the door.

All my library fantasies were over. Harry Librarian had seen me on novocaine, and things would never be the same.

I may as well stroll in there with the whole brood and a sweaty tank top now.

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