Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Potty Tale

Making good on promise number one - here is your potty tale.
It was a sunny day in Georgia...
Actually, it was. Which was why we were out front gardening and playing. Ah, what a nice day.
Pity we had to step inside from planting flowers, only to come upon... dun-dun-DUN - unexpected pooh!
But come upon it we did, with a smiling Phoenix pointing the way.
With the other kids giggling, and Rick and I wide-eyed and all heeby-jeebied, we dealt with The Situation. Counted ourselves somewhat lucky and went back out front to enjoy the day.
Only, the potty tale was not over.
Little did we know...
more... DUN-dun-dun - Unexpected Pooh! awaited us on the stairway.
Once again our little Lewis & Clark led the expedition and proudly pointed out his New World discovery. (Is it considered a discovery when one is responsible for the planting of said discovery?) There it was, around the curve of the staircase, like a rotten egg. Jadyn ran up giggling hilariously: "It's like an Easter find hunt!!" (Of course she did. Need I remind you, her own potty tale is legendary.)
And the culprit, oh the culprit. You might hope to find an ounce of remorse or I don't know, a tad of shame? But no. Mr. Matter of Fact looked us right in the face, shrugged and said
"It just fell out, Mom. It just rolled out."
And that's your potty tale.


  1. Oh, dear Lord. That boy of yours...no, I certainly didn't expect remorse, but I've seen that little bugger in action. ;)
    P.S. I'm excited to see you're going to the boot camp!

  2. Wow, this just brought back to my memory something I have suppressed for years...my first poo mess as a mother. My oldest daughter was three years old when she decided to leave a poo pile right inside the back door. This might not have been so bad if I had not been on the other side of the door...when I opened it, the gift was smeared all across the floor. Shudder. Now I will try to forget again (which shouldn't be too hard, I'm really good at forgetting things).


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