Monday, April 18, 2011


There are some days when you just have to accept the title of Mother of the Year.
This is one of those days. And of course it is a Monday! Universe, that is just mean.
6:30am - Isabella droops down the stairs with a pitiful look.
"Mommy, the Tooth Fairy didn't come last night! There was no money under my pillow, just my tooth."
Cue my half-asleep, shocked (oh, crap) look.
"Oh, my! (Quick! distract and divert! deflect!) Well, did you have just the tooth under there, or was it in the little pillow?"
Isabella, questioningly: "It was just the tooth."
Me: "That must be it then! Let's put it in the pillow." (And make several mental notes to Not Forget, Tooth Fairy.)

8:30am - Here comes the sinking feeling, right in the pit of my stomach. Don't tell me you don't know this feeling. This week is Jadyn's turn to be Star Student in kindergarten. Need I say more?
Did we make her poster this weekend? Did she have anything to take in?
I am going to pay big-time for this. I have already gotten out my Fancy Scrapbooking Stickers in Hot Pink, and my Good Embellishments, Pink Butterflies if-you-please, to beg forgiveness. No magic markers or cheap stickers for Jadyn this time. This will be a custom poster. I may even have to let her decorate it At My Desk.
It's the least I can do, as Mother of the Year.


  1. isn't it funny that the same things that gave us those feelings as children...STILL DO NOW THAT

  2. Hey girly! I will have to wear that badge as well. I have forgotten the tooth fairy as well and just today I realized that I sent Parker to his first school nurse visit alone even though they sent me a note telling me when to come. But that's not all. No, no. I also failed to sign us up for a teacher conference so I'm the only parent not on the list. Then he told me the boys won't let him play soccer with them at recess. I wanted to buy a ticket home and let the poor child at least go to school in his own language. Of course all he has to say to all of this is "Jeg elsker dig, Mor." Which is I love you, mom. Ugh!!!


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