Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday, oh Happy Day

I'm still standing, friends!
It was a long week. And now we are back to our routine, of which I am learning I am very fond. Just me and the Phoeny-Phoen, doing chores, going to the gym, and potty-training. If you've been around here for long, you will know that potty training is never without trials in general. And for some reason, with my kids, trials in particular. I have a story, indeed! Oh do I. Because spring break needed an extra {potty} element. Story to come in near future.

But first I am still trying to find my pictures! Rick treated me to a real treat indeed for my birthday, and this handy dandy mac is really exciting. But... I really need a For Dummies book. Didn't we figure out I could tinker around and get things done with computing machinery? Well. This animal is fun but challenging. And to challenge me, it has hidden my photos from me. But I have been surfing for answers, and I think I found the backdoor into the folder.

Ha! The folder was there, right in front of me. Maybe it was spring break brain, blocking mah eyes. Look at my industrious attempt at spring break salvage, all ye friends. The little stinkers had so much fun, and were so wide-eyed That Mommy! Is! Letting! Us! PAINT! Results to come in future. (That's two future promises, help me keep count.)

And now, for this week I am working on a little sumpin' sumpin.

My wittle baby brudder is getting married in three weeks, and I am working on a writing project for the happy couple. This announcement will not spoil the surprise, because I am fairly certain that approximately 0% of my family members are reading here. (If you are reading, then, surprise! And hey - give me a shout out, lurker.) Unless you count my (deceased) Dad and grandmother, who may or may not have found an ethereal way to stay in touch, and if so, would definitely still be reading. Maybe getting online is really easy when you are a spirit? I can only imagine that Gig is chomping at the bit to respond to this challenge, since she replied by email to every post I wrote. Don't laugh, but I really did believe my Dad would find some way to communicate in cyber-space. I don't know how exactly, but I was ready for a good number of years to hear from him online. Maybe I was imagining a Stephen Hawking-like voice, emanating from my pc? Now that I think of it, that would have been really spooky. Dad, don't even think of doing that. I might have heart failure.

Whew, step away from the rabbit trail, B.

So back to the project, which I will hope to share later. I am trying to strike just the right note and it is tricky. Seems like when it counts, the creative juices dry up. This nuptial deal will mean an April trip to NC for me and all of mine, since the kids seem to have all been given a part in the wedding. The next few weeks will be full of exciting preparation, and no small amount of bribery, given that Mom and my soon-to-be-sister Susan have chosen long white gowns for my girlies to wear. May the gods of spring weddings be with us! For the final promise of the day - stay tuned for Phoenix in a tie. Heh. Heh-heh.
Oh, happy Monday!


  1. first things first. your "Fly" is beautiful. it's most definitely a keeper. you write so well.
    In gazing at your photos above, I've discovered that we share the exact same garbage can. now isn't that something? I have mine because it fits perfectly beside the counter in a narrow space. I love how focused your kids are on the project at hand. I bet I once had that ability - where did it go? have a great week Bethany.

  2. heh heh indeed! Phoenix in a tie, huh? I already have the fingers crossed for pretty weather, we are due for some.
    good job for making it through the ENTIRE WEEK!! :)
    I laughed and laughed about family reading...i can find mine lurking when I reveal new {lipo lite}. got a call about that post. you might just get a call too...

  3. Love "fly" - of course, I completely understand. And potties, projects and poetry...oh, my! Routine is good-so very good!


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