Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happenings of the week

Hello friends!
Here's your Lear Road Trip/Family Wedding update.
The project for the gift has been completed, and is ready to go. The random stomach virus portion of the week has also been completed. The outfits are organized and pressed. The van has been cleaned. Cole's birthday gifts are wrapped and ready for Sunday. The flower girl flip-flops have been bedazzled and be-ribboned. Nails polished for two little girls and one big girl, check. Five baseball games for Cole in one week, check. (Yes, five. Five! five. f-i-v-e.)
Can I stop now? :)
You know that To-Do list never ends.
How about some quotes from Jadyn, in her Countdown To Wedding Day excitement. And, oh, how excited she is. She has given up her obstinate clothing issues, and has chosen to wear new school clothes EVERY day this past week. Wot?! Yes! Every day. (And if you're wondering where the "new" school clothes came from, they are from the fall, and were still hanging *with tags* in the closet.) She is over the moon with excitement over the flower girl dress, and after trying it on, has wanted to wear it every day. And has been promised she can wear it whenever she pleases *after* the wedding...
"Mom, can we go in your room and talk about the wedding?"
"Mom, I'm going to go potty before the wedding if I need to. So don't worry about that."
"Let's chew gum before the wedding, so we'll have fresh breath."
"Tell me again who will be there, so I can be ready."
"Tell me again what else will be happening."
"Mom, come to your room so we can talk about the wedding."
Ad infinitum.
And really? I am excited too! In the past few years, we haven't gotten home to NC much at all. I'm ready to have fun with friends and family! You will have to wait for the debut of Girls in Flower Girl Gowns (though you can see a partial peek in this shot), but the shot of Bemused Boy goes down as the cutest shot ever. Here is Phoenix's expression, upon seeing the tie attached to his shirt: "What's dis thing, Mom? What's dis thing for?"

Phoenix was very into the trying-on-wedding-finery day, and when he first saw the girls' matching gowns, he was outraged: "Where's mine?!?" And so Jadyn let him try on her gown. And we all hooted and rolled as he hooted and yelled "Watch me twirl!" And then soon enough he was ready for his own shirt, and a glimpse of the strange thing called a tie.
That, my friends, is how the week has gone.
We're off to visit a grandmother, marry off a brother, and celebrate!


  1. WOW! Love that she was willing to share with Ph.! Can't wait to see pictures. And 5 games?? Tell me that isn't the norm!

  2. Safe travels! I can't wait to see pictures!

  3. Wouldn't you LOVE TO KNOW what is going on inside that little {obstinate} head that
    heretofore has deemed the new clothes completely off limits, and now, spurred by a wedding, decides that they are wearable....
    I would just love to know, and we probably never will....


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