Friday, April 8, 2011


The week has been salvaged! I dusted off my joie de vivre and pulled together a craft for the kids to enjoy. Thank you for tolerating my Seussical post from Monday - luckily (for you) the dear Dr. made no more appearances. It was better to keep quiet this week. Really. I am only a mortal. Only subject to whatever a mere mortal mom can take. And spring break spent at home always brings me to my knees.
But now, oh now it's Friday! And there is always hope on Friday! So we began Friday with a little birdhouse painting to welcome spring. I know what you're thinking, so I'll get right to it. Phoenix only painted on his own birdhouse, and he did not paint on anything else in our house. Wot?! I know. The grace of spring break magic, I guess. I'm not questioning it.
I would dearly love to post a photograph or three, but, alas, I have not learned the ins and outs of this here computer. Is that nice, that juxtaposition of ye olde english, and country talk? I hope I don't really sound like that. but it would explain a lot. A lot.
Let me go now, and enjoy a glass of ye olde Friday beverage, and I'll get back to to you with the proof that I have indeed salvaged the week for my dear offspring.
The End.

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