Monday, April 4, 2011

An invisible Cat in the Hat lives here

"Your mother will not mind at all if you do..."

This is their anthem. They live by it well. It's as though the Cat in the Hat's voice rings in their ears every moment of the day, reassuring and luring them to ever greater messes.
And I am always click-clacking up the walk, just about to round the corner.
Only, there is never a last minute dash to clean up the mess strewn from here to there.
Never a clever cat, only Things One, Two, Three and Four flying kites and juggling dishes and making precarious towers of toys. Pouring bowls of water and balancing them on wheeled implements. Tossing clothes around the room as though they were spring decor.
And there I am. Rounding the corner again.
Your mother will not mind at all if you do.
Nick, Sally, let me tell you.
She will mind.
She will definitely mind.
It's day one of spring break.
By Day Three we will either be eating green eggs and ham, hopping on pop or carrying wockets in our pocket.
I really can't say.
I can't say at all what will happen that day.
My kids will be here, we will all be at home.
And I will be wanting, oh wanting to roam.
And they will chattering, asking and needing
And I will be scrubbing, sweeping and cleaning
Crumb after crumb and cup after cup
Spring break, you bear, you never let up.

Cheers to ya!


  1. oh you put a cheerful face on it all! you make me chuckle.

  2. let me suggest a craft activity for friday, dear buddy,
    wockets in pockets--
    made out of scraps of paper.
    you have to cut out the pockets.
    they make the wockets--purely from imagination
    elena's teacher did this...and I loved it! :)
    have y'all already done that this week?
    I notice you have a theme going...
    hee hee..


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