Thursday, March 31, 2011

Library SOS

Check out the headline in the local paper yesterday:
"Library system requests resident input at meetings."
(cue giddy laughter) Oh no They. Did. Not!
You know, I've been needing a spring cause du jour. This might just be the ticket. Maybe. Potentially. Prospectively. Absolutely!
Our library is particularly egregious because we happen to live in one of the wealthiest counties of metro Atlanta. And I totally want to capitalize on that proximity, with access to books beyond my wildest dreams. So far, the books and facilities available have not been the things from that library that are in my dreams. But not even the charms of Harry Librarian could draw me in there more frequently! (By the way, cute Harry has moved on, and has been replaced by a more friendly and typical library desk denizen: Ms. Gray-haired with Specs. Go back up and click on the Harry link now. You won't regret it.)
I have some specific input to share with the Library Board, thanks to my recent trip to Birmingham. While I didn't get to actually set foot inside the library I will tout as divine, it comes highly recommended. :)
I will keep you posted on my communications with the Library Commission. Finally, a cause that could bear obvious fruit! Or not! Either way, the best news is this: in a couple of years, we will have a new liberry. The End.

(Stay tuned for a photo or two. You need to know exactly what we are dealing with. And why "renovation" will not be on my input sheet.")

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  1. bethany,

    i sure do hope your liberry gets the improvements it needs..
    so sorry about the cute guy leaving...oh no!
    back to ole library lady huh?
    I am sort of scared of the ones here...even to ask a {quick} question...
    They are always nice, once they talk..but the looks on their faces eesshh!
    i am cleaning my butt off today--not literally (that would be terrible, no?) I am cleaning up my house--a lot!!


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