Monday, May 2, 2011

Turning Ten

He arrived on his due date, a timely little fellow. He bucked all the trends of first children, barreling his way into the world after a few short hours. I didn't know much about birthing, but I knew enough to tell the nurse that she was wrong, and this baby was not waiting for the doctor's schedule. But (barely) wait he did, and hurry, the doctor did.

Beaufort County Hospital, NC - 2001
And just like that, we were parents. Our preparations were many, but in the end you can only sink or swim. The first child, the first grandchild, the first nephew - a sweet addition. He has gotten used to being First.

Rick & Cole, Mt. Dora, FL - 2002
A winsome boy, he went about making friends and fans in a happy way. He approached strangers with a smile, seeming to know when it would brighten their day.

Cole with Thing 1 and Thing 2, Spring 2005
He welcomed twin sisters with a thrill, taking to big-brotherhood like a natural. He snuggled and loved on them, and wished we could have ten more. Or at least one more, so that we three each could have one to hold, he advised.

We obliged.

Cole and Phoenix - Spring 2011

Happy, happy Birthday to our Ten Year Old. It has been an education, kid. You set the bar high for those coming along behind you...

*I'm late with this post, since we were out of town at my brother's wedding. We celebrated Cole's birthday May 1st, with my family in Washington, NC. Cole was born there, but we haven't been there for his birthday since he turned one. So it was a neat coincidence! Wedding post coming soon!!*

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