Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A little sumpin' sumpin'

I don't know if you have to be southern to know this phrase, but I do know that the "p" in there does not really need to be there. C'mon, you know you're trying to say it just right, so just swallow the last 3 letters and you will have it: a little sumpin' sumpin'... smirk a little too, and it will be perfectly right. (no tutorial needed, Susan ;))

I also know it can mean many different things, from innocent to sultry. As in: I bought you something at the store, guess what's in your lunchbox, guess what's for dinner, guess what mood I'm in...

Today's meaning of a little sumpin' sumpin' is this sweet treat:

Thank you, Amelia! I haven't gotten anything like this before - and was a little wide-eyed... and delighted!

Blog readers tend to be a spiral type. We twirl from one blog to the next, vaguely sure on how we got somewhere - only knowing that it is interesting and fun to spiral through blogland, meeting new people. Amelia, giver of this lil' lady found me through cjane - one of my long-time faves. Here is what she had to say:

6. Borderland: I like to go to her blog and let her talk to me. She is funny and full of enthusiasm and has outstanding guest bloggers!

Well, I'm glad you think so, Amelia - thank you!
And... do you see what I see?! Phoenix got a shout-out! For being an "oustanding guest blogger" no less! Way to go, funky Phoen. I am wondering which one won her over. Was it his very first post? Or this one? That boy...
A good day to get a little sumpin' sumpin'.


  1. This is cool! You are branching out a bit in bloggy land...
    Maybe I can jump aboard...we'll see. :)


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