Thursday, September 2, 2010

Guest Blog: underwear

Yo yo, friends!
I'm back. Mom's passed out from exhaustion somewhere, so I thought I'd fill you in.
Yesterday I yelled for her, from the shower: "Bethalee! Bethalee? (I heard somebody say this name and thought I'd try it - it works great! She answers me with a smile!)
Bethalee?!?!! Bethalee!!!! I wear underwear today. Get me underwear! With a frain on it!"
She said she would. She also said something about keeping them dry, and not wetting the trains. I was outraged. As if. I scowled at her and proclaimed "I not!!" The very idea.
She seemed a little sceptical.
I showed her that I meant what I said, by not coming out of the shower. I said no and I meant it.
That Bethalee. Always tricking me. I try to speak her language, but she's always shifting on me. If I hear the words "Maybe later" one more time... I mean, I tried saying it this morning. I rolled out the "maybe later" when I asked if we could go to the pool.
"We go pool? Later? Maybe later?"
You know what she said?? Tomorrow. Now what the heck does that mean! Maybe not later?
Maybe later, little bit later, tomorrow.
I do not get this.
Help me out.

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  1. Phoenix,
    Maybe later: translation: Mommy, tired, mami need nap....
    Tomorrow: translation: mami tired, mommy needs a whole night of sleep are getting into big boy territory there, sweetie...ask Cole to explain (he can even show you). ;)


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