Monday, September 6, 2010

World Calling

My not-so-secret obsession is travel shows.
I watch episode after episode when Rick is traveling, and when I am resting with Phoenix, holding his hand every afternoon...
The world is calling and there are destinations from Singapore to Sardinia that I need to see. I think it's only a tinge of how my Dad used to feel - because all throughout my childhood he wanted to sell our house and live on a riverboat. And when he and my Mom finally split up, he traveled constantly, with only his Mitsubishi truck for a home. We called him the Mitsu-gypsy. I am not so unsettled, and love my creature comforts.
And yet...
There it is, less than wanderlust, more than yearning.
The armchair traveler, I am.
Wanting to see the faces, hear the voices and feel the difference.
Two things I have noticed for certain: people the world over drink at all times of the day. There's no beer-thirty, no bother with five o'clock somewhere. Secondly, food in most other countries looks like what it was originally. I mean, the fish have their heads on, eyeballs staring. The suckling pig comes to the table whole, the crickets are fried up legs and all, the snails are presented in the shell.
(I am picky about my food.) A Chinese man said "If you can catch it here, you can eat it." Oh my. How very sanitized and distant we are here!
It is fascinating, but I swear if I see one more clip of Andrew Zimmern eating that snot-looking sea creature, I will lose it.
Good to know he is adventurous, and not typical!
So, where am I going with this expose?
Nowhere, really. Just back to my couch. Maybe it serves as a little explanation for my lazy posting. I can hardly blame Phoenix ALL the time, right?
Blame my travels.
I'm on the road.

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  1. And the world {and your dad} answer back...take your time, baby, I will just wait. ;).
    --I think we should plan some milestone, and have a hilarious bloggy buddy trip together. :)
    You are certainly helping me get through this crazy part called "being the mama".


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