Friday, June 25, 2010

Guest Blog: what I've been doing, part 2,358

Whenever my Mommy is distracted I find a minute to fill you all in. On my life. She has many tales to tell - and I have one.
I have pulled off a couple winners today, and have done my best to go down in the record books.
See, it all came to me when I found Mommy showering. So I got in there with her, in all my clothes. Then, when she got out, I didn't. Wouldn't. I listened to my voice echo, and I splashed around, and then I tried to poop. Only, I ratted myself out by saying: "Mommmm! 'Ont poopoo in da show'r!" That really got her moving.
Then when she put my diaper on, I ran over to the kid's bathroom, since Mommmm was busy dressing.
You won't believe what I tried to flush. Even Mommm doesn't know - all she sees is that there is no water in dat potty, and I am not telling. The other thing she caught sight of in there was my masterpiece. If you dip a bathing suit in da potty, and then swing it around, water goes everywhere! Yahoo! I left it in there to float, 'cause it was Jadey's suit and she laughs at me.
The kids ratted me out that one, and then I got to spend some time alone in my crib.
Hangin' in my crib.
Just another day in my crib.
I got a good plan for when I get out. It involves juice and spit.

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  1. B.,
    I have tears in my eyes. Sorry to say this is so stinkin' funny that it brought tears to my eyes.
    Thanks for sharing your funny stories even if they aren't so funny at the time. :D


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