Friday, January 15, 2010

Guest Blog: Funky Phoenix in the house

So, my Mama and I were cruising Target the other day, and I was all "Yo Ma! Throw some cool jeans in the cart! Gotta spruce my look!" That baby blue bear and squirrel stuff just gets old, right? I'm feeling a new me this year, and the boy's gotta look the part.

Then Ma was all "Ooh! Skinny jeans for toddlers!" And Dad was all "Why do you keep calling them skinny?" And I was all "I am feeling funky!"

Anyway. That's my look. I'm thinking it's a city kid thing.


  1. He is sooo cute! Skinny jeans are ALL the rage in Europe right now. I've been trying to find the kids some here but the US seems to have different idea of fashion. Gee- I guess I'll have to go back to Target and check out the jeans. Bwa hahaha! Jack is going to kill me! :-)

  2. Those shoes complete his city slicker look. Seriously adorable!
    BTW, only kiddos should be allowed to wear skinny jeans.


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