Monday, August 9, 2010

T minus Two and Counting

T minus Two until school starts, that is. Or maybe I got it backwards. Two weeks til school, says the fuzzy-brained mom, and erstwhile blogger. I have been Overcome by Events, and unable to blog. Did I say Events? I meant kids.
And there ain't no lettin' up - least not this week. I'll be keeping 11 month old Abby for 2 days, so that Rachael & Family can enjoy a vacation. Then, in 2 weeks, I start up working at Rachael's again, training up the small people to be lovely small people. And hoping someone will help me train Phoenix not to be hellboy.
That's harsh, you say? Well, then perhaps you should have seen him catapulting himself from the coffee table onto the couch. And perhaps you should have then seen his eyes light up, as he realized he could climb onto the outside of the stair rail, and jump from even higher. Always accompanied by a maniacal giggle, thank you. And even better if there are unsuspecting siblings on the couch, that can be smashed and destroyed.

And moments later, maybe contrite, usually not:
"Mommy? Mommy? Moooooommy? I need to tell you something. We go the pool? Later? Maybe?" (Here he is using all his wistful charm, and repeating all my standard answers.) When the boy says "Later?" it is sweetness and light and demands giant smooches. And forgiveness.
Summer's glory is waning, and in its place are four children who are getting on each other's nerves.

That's my story.

In other family news, let me tell you about Mama Takes Europe By Storm. My Mom, that is. In Europe. For Three Whole Long Weeks! After five days Isaiah and I began frantically calling each other, exclaiming that we could not take Mama being off the grid for so long. (She is traveling with her sister Vera, and my cousin Jessi.)
And then she called, from Paris no less, where she will be situated in an apartment for 10 days while touring the city and environs near and far. "Oh!" I said, upon hearing she had arrived Paris. "Are you in le deuxieme arrondissement?" And she, in all her newly acquired travel chic, did not even notice my polished phrasing and superb accent. Oh la la. Not to mention my knowledge of Parisian city districts - garnered from decade-old French class, and expanded by House Hunter's International...

The word is that they have trampled the streets of London and Edinburgh, and will now gallivant the Continent for a week more. She was starry-eyed, if a person could be called that, over the phone. It was fantastic. All the places from books have come alive, and I think she may not come back. They have attended church at Westminster Abbey, toured the Tower of London, and visited as many castles as possible.

The funniest thing I heard was this: my uncle made a bust of my grandmother, and they are toting that bust around with them. A Nicholls-appropriate homage to my late grandmother, who made this trip possible. Bien sur! Gig always did like to travel, and when they go touring for the day, they leave her propped on the wine bottle, so she won't be late for drinks.

And that's the news for today - be well, friends!


  1. See, I miss you when you don't post! Every word of this one was... {fabulous!}
    I wish I could say fabulous in French!

  2. Oh, but you can! C'est fabuleux! (or fabuleuse - that pesky gender issue, don't know if a blog post is la fem.) Thanks bloggy bud... ;-)

  3. I kept checking and checking - how did I miss this one? Anyway - love it. Good for your Momma!


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